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The St. Monica School Auction’s success is the result of the amazing collaborative effort of many parents, parishioners, alumni and community businesses. Financial gifts, of any size, are all truly appreciated. When you donate to the auction, you provide a dependable and essential foundation of support that allows the school to keep tuition affordable, support the acquisition and growth of faculty, maintain facilities, and so much more. 

We look forward to another great year of western fun, bidding and BBQ on 


We are currently seeking sponsorships and donations. We would be grateful to be considered amongst the charitable organizations for which you generously give this year.  Our auction is well attended and highly advertised throughout Mercer Island and surrounding communities. You will receive recognition from over 250 school families plus over 400 St. Monica church families and friends. For more information, please visit our auction website linked below.

Auction Procurement Form

Online Auction Website

St. Monica Catholic School is a registered 501(c) (3) non-profit organization

(Tax ID# 91-0724244), so your generous donation is tax-deductible. 
In addition, we are eligible to receive corporate matching gifts.

Make a Difference

The 2022 Auction raised money for a new school bus! A very special thank you goes to all the parents, faculty and friends who helped make that vision a reality. If you see one of these generous patrons around campus, or out in town, make sure to give them a waive on behalf of our very excited students! 

Deacon Larry & Karen McDonald
Nikki & John Anderson
John & Pamela Hayden
Steve & Linda Banchero
Bryan & Justyna King
John Paul Brondello III
Pam & Ron Taylor
Gina & Rob Maguire
Elizabeth & Justin Donaldson
Gary & Mimi Schulze
Brew & Janice Bede
John & Katie Dolence
Sarah & Eric Hansen
Amanda & Colin Lewis
Lindsay Bloom
Carolyn & Jamison Balousek
Fr. Kurt Nagel
Dominic Lai & Louisa Lee
Nina & James Cuneo
James & Jessika Mazure
Lindsey & Scott Schield
Haley & Timothy Street
Andrew & Mary Roedel
Jacqueline Balinbin & Jeremy Bean
Ashley & Barton Housman
Andrew & Julie Lamb
Michael & Cara Perla
Kien Ha & Xuanly Le
Diane Roberts
Jamie & Robert Huynh
Sarah & Sam LeClercq
Andrew & Jennifer Buhrmann
Sean Vegeler & Michele Pulling
John & Mimi Norris
Vivian Sit & Simon Yau
Kerri & Ryan Ladiges
Serge & Patricia Ngako Kameni
Gary & Cheryl Stubbers
Matthew & Stephanie Murphy
Andrew & Jennifer Buhrmann
David & Sarah Dubois
Lori & Tim Punke
Steve & Kimberly Conn
Paul Birkeland
Laura & Kenik Hassel
Jenae Denmarsh
Marybeth Bohm
Katie Shea
Gabriel & Marisa Maricich
Ana Korotuz & Rodrigo Rivas
Fletcher & Steffenie Evans
Gloria Hardy
Jenae & Mark Denmarsh
Marybeth & Eli Bohm
Kerri & Ryan Ladiges
Tyson & Yilu Shi Farmer
Forrest & Karen Fielder
Serge & Patricia Ngako Kameni
Forrest & Karen Fielder
Kerri & Ryan Ladiges
Forrest & Karen Fielder
Meghan Moriarty Wright
Kien Ha & Xuanly Le
Laura & Kenik Hassel
Sarah & Sam LeClercq
Denis & Catherine Malone
Claire & Evan DeLano
Shannon & Ed Savage
Kim & Troy Thomas
Andrew & Laura Jarboe
Carol & Gustav Mendoza
April Bauer
Dave & Heather Galgon
Linda Mae Fernandez
Ashley & Bart Housman
Carrie & John Poole
Alison Elise Rorem


Thank You to Our 2022 Sponsors

frontier maker

Kyle & Jessica Roche


Joe & Elaine Shephard


Cedar Grove and 
Sound Bites Delivers - 
Stephan & Britta Banchero


Garde Capital - 
Jeff & Olivia Lippens
Delta Marine - 
Jared & Trisha Cooper


House of Posie - 
Jessika Mazure
Elizabeth Donaldson - 
Compass Real Estate