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Families Program

The atmosphere at St. Monica School is warm and supportive, our students think of their classmates as their school family and their teachers as trusted mentors.

St. Monica School Parent

The Families Program, a St. Monica School trademark, teaches our older students leadership skills and contributes to the unique family atmosphere in which students at grade all levels know, work, and worship with one another.

This program is a leadership opportunity for our eighth graders and a chance for our fourth through seventh graders to share in the responsibility of modeling service leadership to their PreK through third-grade “buddies.”

Following the St. Monica School Vision of  “developing a Christ-Centered nurturing environment,” students are grouped into “School Families,” which consist of students from each grade led by an eighth grade “Family Leader.” These “Family” groupings allow older students to mentor younger students and model appropriate behavior at liturgies, assemblies, school events, and competitions.

These “Family” interactions, gently guided by faculty members, foster a sense of community within the school across all grades, and contribute to the lasting inter-age friendships our alumni enjoy.