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Middle School

Logic Stage - Grades 6-8

St. Monica Catholic School strives to develop what is uniquely human in our students. We equip our students with the skills, habits, and aptitudes necessary to embrace truth and become the person they were created to be.

No aspect of our school’s life is genuinely extra-curricular or falls outside our core mission of education during middle school. Every part of the school’s programs- from the way the school prays to the dress code of students and staff, the ongoing formation of the teachers, participation in the sacraments, the arrangement of furniture in the classroom, the activities during recess, the way we use technology, and the songs the children sing- reflect the school’s judgment and priorities about the education mission.

Children learn to analyze, question, discern and evaluate in the “logic” stage (roughly grades five through eight). Students learn to think through arguments, pay attention to cause and effect, and see how facts fit together. We study algebra and how to propose and support a thesis at this stage.

Teachers facilitate learning activities that intentionally allow Middle School students to analyze and integrate content from all subjects, investigate global issues, answer complex questions, and develop solutions for real-world problems. As a result, our students build self-confidence, strengthen leadership skills, and lead the school in faith.

Curriculum Overview by Grade

Middle School Team

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