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Grammar Stage - Grades K-5

We build our curriculum on a program of study modeled after the Trivium based on grammar, logic, and rhetoric, engaging the natural stages of a child’s development and their desire to learn. During the “grammar” years, children soak up knowledge. They memorize, absorb facts, learn phonics and spelling rules, recite poetry, and study plants, animals, basic math, and other topics. Moral lessons are included. Teachers stay up to date through continuing education and in-service programs. We design each course of study to make the most of all our resources.

Our curriculum is integrated (interdisciplinary) and scaffolded (frequent return to concepts and deepening of knowledge and understanding), aids in establishing connections, cementing concepts, and promoting relational thinking. We follow a historical timeline approach to teaching our integrated subjects, have a Walk to Math program in the whole school, and use the Slingerland Method to teach all learners oral and written language skills in the classroom.

Curriculum Overview by Grade

Elementary School Team