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Early Learning PreK

The St. Monica Catholic School Early Learning Center provides opportunities for each child to grow and learn through a variety of free play and structured experiences. Readiness activities in writing, reading and math build the foundation for academic rigor at the school. In addition, we provide ample time for children to explore ideas and develop skills through art, music, dramatic play, creative movement and cooking. 

Fostering self-help skills, self regulation and independence

St. Monica School's Early Learning Center focuses on the development of independence. With individualized support from their teachers, our students learn how to take care of themselves and each other— whether pouring themselves a cup of water, hanging up their coat, or cleaning up after playtime—and in so doing, build competency and self-confidence.

Learning through play

We are a child-directed program that gives our students 3 hours of free play time each day (2 indoor and 1 outdoor) to explore their interests, stretch their imaginations, make peer connections, practice negotiating, build teamwork and exercise fine and gross motor muscles.

During indoor Center time, children explore ideas and develop skills through art, dramatic play, blocks, manipulatives, puzzles, writing materials and sensory exploration. Students are outside for recess rain, snow, or shine— enjoying the freedom to run, shout, jump, climb, build forts, dig and make-believe adventures. 

Building Early Academic Skills

We have several academic periods throughout the day to give our students ample opportunities to develop early reading, writing, and math concepts.

We believe this balance between active, free exploration and teacher-led academics allows our students to develop a love of school, curiosity for learning, and an academic drive that will reach way beyond preschool.

Founded in Christ

In addition to the curriculum, we also offer Catechesis of the Good Shephard Level One & Two to St. Monica PreK through Third Grade students during the school day. CGS is a program for children that introduces them to the riches of the Catholic faith, allowing them "hands-on" experience to contemplate, enjoy God's presence, and respond to his love. 

Early Learning Center Team

Early Learning Center Team

"Young children are researchers that gather their information and knowledge through play, meaningful experiences, and an endless exploration of God’s world around them. They grow and develop in the best way when they are in an environment where they are accepted and valued for the children God created them to be, and where they are loved, and nurtured. It is a true blessing that we the educators, in partnership with parents, have a role in developing the whole child and instilling a lifetime of learning and deep love of God."Evelyn Zwolski