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St. Monica Catholic School follows a Catholic Liberal Arts model which teaches students how to learn by presenting material based on their grade and particular interests, in an engaging and relevant fashion. Instead of providing disconnected facts, figures, and phonics, classical education encourages curiosity and context, connecting ideas so children can become independent thinkers. For example, a lesson on Galileo would be applied to history, grammar, science and even math, seamlessly, allowing students a broad context that will enhance their comprehension and knowledge base. This educational vision was developed by the Catholic Church and was the gold standard of formation for centuries. Education in this deep and comprehensive sense extends beyond the classroom and is more than just the acquisition of skills.

One key component of our curriculum is our classical time period. Each grade focuses on a specific era in history. They are as follows:

  • Kindergarten – The Cradle of Civilization Year
  • First Grade – The Greek Year
  • Second Grade – The Roman Year
  • Third Grade – The Medieval Year
  • Fourth Grade – The Modern Year and Washington State History
  • Fifth Grade – The American Year
  • Sixth Grade – The Ancient Year
  • Seventh Grade – The Medieval Year and Washington State History
  • Eighth Grade – The Modern Year
St. Monica Catholic School exists to proclaim the Gospel message, to build community, and to educate. Life in a Catholic school is shaped by the values of the Gospel — peace, justice, community, love, patience, reconciliation, and respect.