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Mission & Virtues

Our Mission

St. Monica Catholic School collaborates with parents in educating and developing the whole child, so they may maximize their human potential, fulfill their God-given purpose, and flourish in a Christ-centered and rigorous academic environment.
We build our curriculum on a program of integrated study based on grammar and logic, engaging the natural stages of a child’s development and their desire to learn. Children soak up knowledge and model virtues. They memorize, absorb facts, learn the rules of phonics and spelling, recite poetry, and study plants, animals, Saxon math and foreign languages. Our caring and dedicated teachers support each student individually to nurture an environment of academic excellence and Christian values. Our teachers motivate and encourage our children to reach their highest potential by offering a challenging curriculum and a supportive environment designed to empower them with knowledge and self-discipline.

Our Virtues

The six virtues of a St. Monica Catholic School Crusader are reverence, justice, studiousness, fortitude, prudence, and temperance. These virtues guide student conduct in the classrooms, on the school grounds, at co-curricular school functions, at home, and in the community. 

St. Monica Catholic School Crusaders are:

Teaching must be 100% about the kids. Every single child deserves to be part of a classroom where they are loved and known well.

Ms. Takemori