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Fast Facts


Office 206-232-5432
4320 87th Ave SE
Mercer Island, WA 98040

School Hours
Office 7:30am - 3:30pm
Doors Open 8:00am
School Starts 8:15am
School Dismissal 3:10pm (1:40pm on Wednesdays)
St. Monica Catholic School takes the security and safety of our students seriously. During school hours, the St. Monica Campus is locked. The main entrance is equipped with security cameras, and we require all visitors, volunteers, parents, or deliveries to be "buzzed in" and then "signed in" at the front office. We appreciate your patience.
After School Care
It is a supervised and safe place for students to bridge the transition from school to home when parents need to pick up their children later than the school dismissal time.
Hours 3:10pm - 5:00pm (1:40pm- 5:00pm on Wednesdays)
School Size
250 Students
34 Faculty & Staff
1 Class per Grade
Lifelong Learning Skills

Providing every child with the tools of learning, thinking, and communicating, so they can accomplish great works, serve, influence, and lead.

Virtue Based Education

Building character in every child through the study and development of wisdom and virtue so they may grow fully and with integrity.

Critical Thinking & Analysis

Engaging the natural stages of a child’s development and their desire to learn. Encouraging them to rigorously learn fundamental facts and truths, ask questions, think deeply act critically, and effectively communicate what they discover.

Curriculum Highlights
Grammar, Phonics & Classic Literature

Applying the Slingerland Method to help with reading fluency, word decoding, reading comprehension, basic writing skills, phonemic awareness, handwriting, word recognition, and oral language skills. Reading “Great Books,” which are classic stories that are virtuous and have stood the test of time.

Scientific Inquiry & Experimentation

Emphasizing the “why” of science with hands-on experimentation so our students can maximize their knowledge and take delight in the beauty and wonder of nature.

Latin & Spanish Languages

Learning Latin builds a strong foundation for all modern languages, including English and Spanish. Students who study Latin often score well on the SAT and excel in the Sciences. Spanish is taught beginning in Kindergarten and Latin is taught beginning in Fifth Grade.

Robust Mathematics

Challenging every student with a superior and proven math curriculum, Saxon Math, using our Walk-to-Math program. Math is taught simultaneously to allow for movement to the level they are ready for in all grades, PreK through 10th.

Integrated Humanities

Exploring human beings’ best accomplishments throughout history by integrating History, Literature, Philosophy, and Religion. Each class year studies history from Egyptian, Greek, Rome, Medieval, Modern, and everything in between.

Intentional Technology

A balanced approach between Catholic Liberal Arts and current technology to enhance instruction.

We transferred to the Crusader community for the classical education and St. Monica has exceed our expectations. My children come home so happy and excited from what they are learning at school. We hear about the great conversations they are having in class in various subjects, and the truth and beauty that seeps out in all. They are thinking, processing and articulating in a way we have not yet experienced. The classical approach to education has been a huge blessing for our family and the formation of our children.


“As an educator, I entrust my children’s education to St. Monica’s teachers. They have proven repeatedly to go above and beyond to ensure that my children all have very differentiated, specialized, and individual paths in their education journey.” St. Monica Parent