Hot Lunch Family Style  for School Year 2014-15
Dear St. Monica Families,

My name is Stacy Gonzalez and I am excited to announce that I will be providing hot lunch for your children this coming school year at St. Monica Parish School this coming year.

I am a former St. Monica school mom. My son, Domenico, graduated from St. Monica last year. As a mother of two growing boys, I understand how important nutrition is for developing minds and bodies. Kids need filling, nutritious food that will help them concentrate on their school-work and feel content throughout the day. Every child is different and I believe that serving up family style meals will provide an opportunity for each child to have a lunch tailored to his/her needs. With the longer lunch period, this will provide kids with enough time to relax and eat.

"Family Style" means that instead of pre-portioned meals, the kids will have portions dished up on real plates according to their needs. Younger children will have smaller portions, and older children will have larger portions. If children are still hungry after finishing their portion, they will be welcome to come up for another helping. If there isn’t enough for seconds, there will be an alternative, such as a ham & cheese sandwich and fruits or vegetables.

During all days except Fridays and Ash Wednesday, there will be Chicken Caesar Salad or sandwiches as an alternative to the main course in the hot lunch. On Fridays there will be a choice of a vegetarian salad or tuna sandwich, unless otherwise noted.

My goal is to provide quality food that will contribute to a successful school year. I feel blessed to have been selected to provide lunch for your children and I look forward to cooking delicious food all year long! I am open to meal suggestions, so please don’t hesitate to send a request to me at

Attached you will find the menu for September, along with pricing and instructions on how to pay. Lunch will be $5 and will include milk. Water will also be provided.

I am excited to be a part of the new St. Monica Family Style Hot Lunch Program!!


Stacy Gonzalez

*Note: St. Monica hot lunch will continue to be nut free.